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Huina 1580 ALL METAL 1/14 Scale RC Excavator V4

    If you're looking for something tough to add to your RC collection, then this Advanced Metal RC Excavator is the way to go!

    Designed for adults and with highly advanced features and functionalities to make this Remote-controlled Excavator compete in the tough market. It's built from alloy metal to ensure each component of this bad boy performs well and is long-lasting.

    An Excavator with realistic movement and which consistently outperforms expectation. The Huina 580 v4 is a fantastic miniature scale Excavator for those that want a more realistic feel when operating. 

    What are you waiting for? Feel the power of the Xtreem RC Advanced Huina 580/1580 version 4 RC Excavator! The Metal 1:14 Scale Remote Controlled Excavator is made from metal and simulates the movements and functions of a real-life-sized excavator.

    This is a 23 channel, full die-cast remote-controlled excavator model built on a 1:14 scale, coming in at a size of 70 x 18 x 55cm (see in inches below)

    The RC Model Excavator Simulates realistic excavator movements, independent tracks allow the machine to move forward/backwards, turn left/turn right with Omni bearing control.

    The updated remote control uses 2 x joysticks to control the Advanced RC Model Excavator. The 2.4GHz controller allows you to operate multiple RC Models without interference. The control distance is up to 50m.

    The two digging arms (boom, dipper) can be independently controlled along with the bucket, which is interchangeable with the claw or rock breaker attachments (included). The 2019 Advanced RC Model Excavator is unique, with the exhaust being able to smoke! The simulation smoke is easy to use and can be switched on and off with a push of a button on the controller.

    What Makes Xtreem RC Different?

    We are an official supplier of Huina Construction Models and our products are all the latest versions with upgraded motherboards and current protection.

    Our Huina models are built to last, and this Radio Controlled Model Excavator is no exception. Our Radio Controlled Excavator is tougher than our competitors because we have upgraded the rotary gear from plastic to metal, which makes our models stronger and more durable. This is a substantial upgrade and the difference is noticeable in both power and longevity.
    What’s New With The Version 4

    1.The Rotary gear has been upgraded to metal.
    2. Mechanical switching has been upgraded to an Electronic hall switch
    3. The fixing seat and cover of the main teeth are upgraded metal parts. 
    4. The motherboard has been upgraded with surge protection


    • High quality mechanical and electrical parts
    • Increased digging force
    • Continuous turret rotation
    • Lights, sounds and smoke generator activated by remote control
    • 2.4 GHz telemetric radio controller with LCD display
    • Proportional controls of the boom, bucket, and turret
    • Tracks: independent, forward / backward, against rotation
    • Turret: continuous rotation left / right
    • Smoke generator

      What's Included:

      • Advanced Metal Radio Controlled Excavator Model
      • 2.4GHz Radio
      • Demolition Hammer/Rock Breaker Attachment
      • Log Claw Attachment
      • Battery
      • USB charger
      • Instructions
      • FREE Shipping
      • Friendly post-purchase support