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Large Metal Shovel/Mud Bucket for Huina 1580

    When selecting a bucket, you need to consider the density (hardness) of the material and the bucket that’s doing the digging. The teeth on a trenching Bucket are designed to break up the ground for easier penetration. The straight edge and extra width of the Mud Bucket rely on intense machine power to penetrate and pull the bucket through the ground. In hard materials, this slows performance and is not cost-efficient. But in soft ground such as mud, soil or sand, a mud bucket is the way to go.

    In soft or aerated material, the larger capacity bucket will perform better and for this reason, it's always a good idea to have an option to go with a big bucket when the situation calls for it. The Large Metal Shovel/Mud Bucket is a must-have tool for the Huina 1580 and is sure to add to your RC construction capabilities.